Our Pillars

People over Profits

Health is more important to us.  We’ve removed everything that can trigger one’s sensitivities – whether it be natural, chemical or lab-made. We make sure every ingredient is beneficial, and every formula is at optimum potency for one’s skin health. This may boost our cost high, but we have our priorities straight. 


We are always evolving and developing meticulously formulated products, experimenting ingredients from all over the world to make sure they have synergistic healing powers to calm and regenerate your skin. Our products are always superfood-based, 100% Bioavailable*, 100% Biocompatible** and Microbiome-Friendly. 

*Bioavailable means any actively effective substance that can easily enter circulation when introduced into our body.

**Biocompatible means any substances that are not harmful to our living tissue.


We believe the healing nature of water, so we want to protect it as much as we can. We believe in using glass materials, and offering refills, with options to have boxes are the way to go. 

If you prefer to have your items shipped without boxes, all saved cost will be put towards environmental efforts we support. Just leave a message upon checkout: "Helping save Mother Earth".