1. I am experiencing skin purging after using the products. Is this normal? 

Yes! Skin purging— a reaction to an active ingredient that increases skin cell turnover rate—is totally normal. Once penetrated inside the skin, the probiotics fight bad bacteria, and this war may result in a breakout. You can also think of it this way: since our skin is our largest organ, skin purging is a way of communicating what is happening internally.

To delay and minimize the process, you may choose to introduce The Good Alchemist products one at a time. However, take note that this will also slow down the cleansing process that creates a pathway to deliver nutrients to your skin.


2. Until when does skin purging last? 

Remember—everyone’s skin is different, so this process may take a few days to a few weeks. Some customers don’t experience it at all, while some purge in the middle of using the products due to environmental factors or what they consume. 

One thing to know about purging: it rids your skin of the effects brought about by environmental factors such as pollution, dust, and pollen, as well as other factors such as how much junk food, sugar, and dairy you’re consuming. While this may be frustrating at first, it is important to trust the process; this is your skin’s way of getting rid of the unwanted stuff to make way for healthier, glowing skin. 


3. Can I use The Good Alchemist with other products?

Probiotics, which contain live cultures of good bacteria, tend not to work well with products that have chemical ingredients that can be potentially harmful for the skin. This combination may result in a breakout. If you insist on using products from other brands, however, we recommend doing a patch test first.


4. Is it normal to feel a tingling sensation after using the products? 

There is no need to fret! Slight tingling is totally normal and it means that the probiotics are reacting to your skin. Our probiotics are live and encapsulated, locally harvested and processed in our laboratory from remnants of fruits and vegetables. Once the probiotics are applied to the skin, it fights unwanted bacteria, which may lead to that tingling sensation. 


5. What is the ideal temperature to store The Good Alchemist products in?

All our stocks are stored and cared for inside a chiller, since heat can cause the preservatives to deteriorate faster. Once they are in your vanity area, we advise you to avoid heat or direct sunlight. The best temperature is around 20 – 25 Degrees Celsius.


6. Can I interchange the products with other brands?

We advise you to stick to The Good Alchemist products since they complement each other—at least in the early stages of healing your skin. Mixing different products or formulations early on can sometimes result to overdoing it, which can cause your skin to become even more sensitized. Since our products are powerful and probiotic-based, they tend to fight with other ingredients that are not very good for you. 


7. If there is one thing that I should try in your skincare range, what is it? 

We encourage you to browse through our website to see which products best suit your skin type and concerns. But if we simply had to recommend one product for a newcomer, it would be our Invisible Sunscreen. Lightweight and versatile, it is perfect for any activity, whether it be your daily errands or extreme sports. The product can be used by anyone as well, even babies and toddlers. 


8. Why are your products enclosed in a glass packaging?

We believe in creating products that aren’t just good for our skin, but for our planet too. In addition to our advocacy of being eco-friendly, we consider it important to place our products inside glass bottles because plastics are porous. When placed in the wrong environment and not cared for properly, our meticulously-formulated products could just end up getting contaminated.


9. Can I return the glass bottles after using them?

The Good Alchemist was created to be eco-friendly, so yes, we accept returns of our glass bottles and gift customers for every 5 bottles of the same size returned! Kindly make sure that all returned bottles are free of residue when returned. This can be done by simply cleaning it with hot water and dish soap.


10.  Why do we keep our ingredients list short?

You don’t need a long list of ingredients to have a synergistic effect—our products are filler-free, using each ingredient to its maximum potential to benefit you. An overabundance of actives can neutralize other actives, leading to no effect at all, so we keep it simple for the products to easily target your personal skin issues.




Returns and Refunds

While we understand that a product may not be the best for your skin type, we currently do not accept returns and refunds due to the sensitive nature of our products. 

In the rare case that the wrong items were delivered, we sincerely apologize! We’ll take care of everything for you. Please contact us immediately through goodalchemistcare@gmail.com or @goodalchemist on Instagram



To put it simply: cut off for orders are every Monday night and Wednesday, and we ship them out to you every Tuesday and Thursday. 

As part of our advocacy to be more earth-conscious, we want to reduce our carbon footprint, by having scheduled trips to the courier's office. 

Since the GOODIES are temperature sensitive, we chose these days to make sure your package will arrive to you safely, and to lessen the time sitting in the courier's warehouse. 


There are a number of ways for you to make your payment. We currently accept credit card payments via Paypal, Paypal transfers, bank deposits, and transfers (BDO and BPI) and GCash.